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Retail – the good the bad and the ugly

I’ve never liked shoe shopping. I think it’s mainly because I have quite big feet (size 13) so it’s always a case of “what do you have in a 13?” (the answer is usually “nothing”) rather than “do you have … Continue reading

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And it’s not just for big companies…

When talking about what we do with friends and colleagues a common misconception is that mass collaboration is only relevant to large organisations. This is not the case at all. My parents have started a blog to record their retirement … Continue reading

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First reactions

Well, it’s been only a day but have already had some interesting reactions to my new line of work. The general sentiment seems to be “interesting, but is there demand for it”? Well, there will be demand if there’s value … Continue reading

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I publish my photos via .Mac here and will probably keep them there rather than move everything over here.

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