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IT department a barrier to Web 2.0

There is an interesting article in Computerworld how Web 2.0 business champions are finding resistance to introducing Web 2.0 tools into their organisations. This ties in with a trend I have been noticing in my new job – after years … Continue reading

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This is why we do this

A recent McKinsey quarterley looked at the quality of content in wikis and blogs for coprorate use. They looked at 573 users of the four most popular video sharing sites in Germany and found that the motivation behind posting was … Continue reading

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Facebook public searches

At the risk of this turning into a Facebook blog I notice that Facebook has publically stated its policy of anonymous searching. I personally think this is a good idea in principle, I have started adding my Facebook profile as … Continue reading

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London United Basketball

Unfortnately London United, the basketball team I worked with last year has had to withdraw from the UK professional league the BBL. This is a real shame as I think the club had some fantastic successes last year whilst struggling … Continue reading

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Two weeks in…

Well, an excuse for the lack of posts for a week is because I’ve been so busy in my new job! I honestly think I’ve done more in my first two weeks than my entire (short) time at my previous … Continue reading

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