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ROI of blogging

Continuing on a theme of ROI for various Web 2.0 tools, I started thinking about the ROI of blogging. Part of the problem is that blogs, being tools, can be applied to multiple problems. So the ROI of ‘blogs’ is … Continue reading

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Corporate Facebook – should you use Facebook or a Facebook-type system?

Haven’t posted about Facebook for a while but this comment from Emmanuele raised some interesting points which I felt deserved their own post. When I wrote about how Facebook itself wasn’t neccessarily a great intranet, but Facebook-type systems would be, … Continue reading

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Instant Messaging ROI – IBM case study

IBM have recently published an ROI study about their own internal use of instant messaging. I was initially quite excited about this, I am a huge instant messaging fan, and sometimes I think the fact that it seems like such … Continue reading

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More on using the long tail to fundraise

Following on from my post on Obama’s fundraising

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Off topic – New IBM Power Systems

Not exactly Web 2.0 put a great post by my former colleague Mandy Shaw of Logicalis on what IBM’s new Power Systems announcement means to customers.

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Thinkpad vs MacBook

As much as I love Mac’s this made me laugh:

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