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Wiki ROI Calculator

PBWiki have posted an ROI calculator tool for wikis.  It’s not my preferred Enterprise 2.0 ROI method, I like to start small and use case studies, but for those who work in an organisation which demand the sorts of ROI … Continue reading

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Corporate use of Twitter

Great article about Comcast and SouthWest airlines monitoring Twitter for customer feedback “When C.C. Chapman noticed a blemish in his high-definition television’s reception during the NBA playoffs recently, he blasted a quick gripe about Comcast into the online ether, using … Continue reading

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Enterprise 2.0 ROI

Another day, another article which looks at making the case for Enterprise 2.0 ROI.  The premise is: the average amount of productivity lost due to ‘distraction’ is 2 hours per day, the average hourly salary of a knowledge worker is … Continue reading

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The Enterprise 2.0 pendulum

  Ok – so I can’t see this becoming as catchy a meme as the Enterprise Octopus, but wanted to introduce this concept.  Fads and trends come and go, both in and out-side of IT, and opinions tend to swing … Continue reading

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Enterprise 2.0 and the 90-9-1 rule

Some ideas get so ingrained in an industry you struggle to remember where they came from.  One such rule is the 90-9-1 rule around participation in Enterprise 2.0.  The idea is that in any community, only 1% will contribute heavily, 9% … Continue reading

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Anonymous use of Web 2.0

In the consumer world, there are some web sites which can take advantage of the anonymous nature of the web. One of our clients, Linwood Manor, runs their web pages on their alcohol dependency treatment programme on the premise that the … Continue reading

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Second wave adoption

Great post by Steward Mader on second wave adoption of wikis. “This demonstrates that no matter how much effort is put into designing a better product or tool, an equal-or greater-amount of effort must be dedicated to showing people how … Continue reading

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