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Lotus Connections 2.5 install guide

Plan to (belatedly) update my Connections 2.5 install guide soon (before New Year). Was thinking that for single server install the 2.0 guide works pretty well for 2.5 so thinking of something different… Linux? Clustering? Different LDAPs? If anyone has … Continue reading

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Help us improve the Lotus Connections Infocenter

Via a combination of Twitter and my Lotus Connections Installation guide, I’ve been invited to join a conversation with IBM, Handly Cameron and Mitch Cohen on how to improve the Lotus Connections Infocenter.  If you would like me to pass … Continue reading

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Lotus Connections 2.0 Install Guide

IBM has released Lotus Connections 2.0. The install process for pilots is greatly improved but there’s still some tricky steps if you’re doing an install for test, staging, proof of concept or production so I’ve updated my install guide for … Continue reading

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Lotus Connections Install Guide

I was recently trying out IBM’s Lotus Connections software, which is effectively their Web 2.0 platform, and whilst it’s a great product – installation was tricky to put it mildly. Many years ago I wrote a guide for another great … Continue reading

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Speaking at Lotusphere Comes To You UK

I was delighted to be asked by IBM to speak at their Lotusphere Comes To You conferences in London and Edinburgh on 13th and 15th April respectively. I’ll be speaking on the adoption of social software, based on Headshift’s experience … Continue reading

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Tips and tricks for Lotus Quickr (WebSphere Portal version)

Aside from the Lotus Connections install guide I don’t usually put much technical stuff up here – but we’ve been using Lotus Quickr (WebSphere Portal version) for a few months and there have been a few little things that were … Continue reading

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No posts for a while, as am at Lotusphere 2008. Have never been much of a ‘Lotus’ person when I was at IBM but it’s where all their collaborative products such as Portal, Quickr and Connections have ended up so … Continue reading

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