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Another use for Facebook

Came across another use for Facebook yesterday – my basketball team needs to get photo licenses for a tournament we are entering which we don’t usually need to do.  Cue dramatic scenes at practice with someone bringing in a digital … Continue reading

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More productive business trips – Enterprise 2.0

Was talking to a friend at the weekend who works for one of the big four as a tax advisor.  Luckily for her, she was going on a business trip to the Bahamas, which would span over the weekend.  Problem … Continue reading

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Corporate Facebook – should you use Facebook or a Facebook-type system?

Haven’t posted about Facebook for a while but this comment from Emmanuele raised some interesting points which I felt deserved their own post. When I wrote about how Facebook itself wasn’t neccessarily a great intranet, but Facebook-type systems would be, … Continue reading

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Corporate facebook

I was with a customer last week discussing the options available in building a corporate intranet that would encourage the social elements of on-line collaboration (posting photos from the company Christmas party, recruiting the company 5-aside football team, even photos … Continue reading

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Corporate benefits of facebook

A recent Computing magazine article made the case for Facebook in the Enterprise. As well as the usual points around digital natives expecting to use these tools as business communication applications, Mark Samuels adds one I hadn’t thought about until … Continue reading

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Fight bigotry with Facebook

Back from Orlando – in body if not in mind… Just saw this article about fighting anti-semitism with Facebook. It’s great to hear a positive story around this as usually Facebook is blamed for encouraging hate groups…

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Facebook targeted advertising

I have been slightly wary of the whole targeted ads on Facebook thing – I wasn’t sure how it was going to affect my use of it or whether it would actually work. However, an ad appeared on my home … Continue reading

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