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Facebook statuses can be useful!

So my flat-mate can’t stand them. He finds it very annoying that he is inundated with the boring minutiae of peoples’ lives (although this does not stop him using it to the same effect…!) However, I actually found a use … Continue reading

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Surround yourself with greatness

For those who don’t know basketball, Michael Jordan was the greatest player of all time. LeBron James (currently 22) is the latest in a long line of those considered to be the ‘next’ Michael Jordan (but he really might be. … Continue reading

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Blogs – an online diary?

I recently recommended to someone that they read this blog to understand what my thought processes were and experiences as I joined Trovus. This was all pretty much work related so I posted it on Trovus’s blog site. However it … Continue reading

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You can’t stifle debate

At the Labour party conference today many of the guests were asked whether or not they thought Labour was right to “stifle debate“. Now, I do not and nor do I wish to understand fully the workings of the Labour … Continue reading

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Should Northern Rock have a blog?

The BBC web site broke the Northern Rock emergency loan story on Thursday 13th September. It was not until Sunday 16th September that Adam Applegarth posted a one page letter on the front of the Northern Rock web site explaining … Continue reading

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Blogs as whistleblowers

There is a story on the BBC News website about an exasperated police officer who blogged about having to spend too much time doing paperwork whose identity has now been exposed. According to the story – he “risked his job” … Continue reading

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The art of sales

The other day I went to a fascinating event hosted by Clarify Solutions. It was a guest panel discussing issues around how to build and measure high performance sales and marketing teams in software. This was actually quite an interesting … Continue reading

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IT department a barrier to Web 2.0

There is an interesting article in Computerworld how Web 2.0 business champions are finding resistance to introducing Web 2.0 tools into their organisations. This ties in with a trend I have been noticing in my new job – after years … Continue reading

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This is why we do this

A recent McKinsey quarterley looked at the quality of content in wikis and blogs for coprorate use. They looked at 573 users of the four most popular video sharing sites in Germany and found that the motivation behind posting was … Continue reading

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Facebook public searches

At the risk of this turning into a Facebook blog I notice that Facebook has publically stated its policy of anonymous searching. I personally think this is a good idea in principle, I have started adding my Facebook profile as … Continue reading

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