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Facebook stalker

At university, we had an email system called Hermes. One of the lesser known features is that once logged in you could find out when anyone else last checked their email. This led to a phenomenon of “email stalking”, where … Continue reading

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We are smarter than me

Dave Hay sent me a great link about a new book which seems to be along the lines of Wikinomics, Wisdom of Crowds, Naked Conversations etc. The difference with this one is that it was written by 4,000 people in … Continue reading

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Holiday in Italy

Have just got back from some time in Italy, hence lack of recent posts. The photos are in the Florence album on the sidebar link or here.

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Facebook privacy

Whilst being a fan of Facebook I do take certain steps to secure myself against identity fraud. I don’t allow my profile to show my full birthday. My contact details are only available to friends who would have them anyway. … Continue reading

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IdealPeople blog

Have just posted on Rewarding Dialogue about a great example of a blog. I actually used these guys (IdealPeople) to get the job I had before this one, and had no idea at the time that they were embracing this … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 Return on Investment (ROI)

There seems to be a lot of discussion around Web 2.0 Return On Investment (ROI) at the moment. ROI almost seems to be becoming a dirty word in Web 2.0 – and seen very much as 1.0 language and thinking, … Continue reading

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Facebook fatigue

Caspar posted a great article about the concept of Facebook Fatigue the other day. The main idea is that the initial buzz around Facebook was to see who had recently joined and get back in touch. Once you’re back in … Continue reading

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