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Facebook targeted advertising

I have been slightly wary of the whole targeted ads on Facebook thing – I wasn’t sure how it was going to affect my use of it or whether it would actually work. However, an ad appeared on my home … Continue reading

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Gullible Facebook users

A while back, when email started to get really popular, there was a large amount of “manual viruses” that went round. You would receive an email that went along the lines of “Microsoft has today released a warning about the … Continue reading

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Backfiring blogs

Last week there was a story about Glen o’Glaza’s post on the Adam Boulton Sky News blog. In the post he complains about the conditions for journalists during their trip with Gordon Brown to Iraq. There seems to have been … Continue reading

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Is social networking the right term for the boardroom?

Something I have been thinking recently, does the term ‘social networking’ turn off the boardroom because of the word ‘social’? Ask a CEO if he needs social networking and the answer is probably no. Ask him if he needs his … Continue reading

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How important are computer skills in the workplace?

There is an article on the BBC News website about how IT skills are valued in the boardroom. A study by Microsoft shows that IT skills were seen as the seventh most important skill, behind skills such as team working, … Continue reading

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Serena Software adopts Facebook Fridays

This caught my eye recently, amongst all the press about companies banning Facebook and it being generally bad for productivity and business, Serena Software has launched Facebook Fridays. The idea is that for one hour every Friday employees should spend … Continue reading

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