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Learn when to disconnect

I think this is a potentially great idea by Alton Towers (spotted by David Hay), piloting a PDA-free zone in their parks. Whilst I fully embrace and evangelise about the ubiquitous connectivity that is now possible and work being something … Continue reading

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Why are corporates scared of social software?

Great post by Sam Lawrence on how organisations have been scared of developments in collaborative software (email, instant messaging, and now social networking) over the years but now are regarded as mainstream. Could the same be true for Web 2.0/wikis/blogs?

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What is the use case for Web 2.0

Spent some time talking with Eric Sauve of Tomoye last week. Was an interesting conversation around how he positions his product around “Communities of Practice”. Often I find the problem with the way people position Web 2.0 products such as … Continue reading

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So why wouldn’t you blog?

Was fortunate enough to have a brief email conversation with Ed Brill the other day. For those of you who don’t know, Ed is the worldwide Notes/Domino sales leader for IBM. He’s also on of, if not their most prolific … Continue reading

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Corporate social computing guidelines

IBM has made their corporate guidelines for social computing available.  Of course, it was created via a wiki so that IBM’s own employees could contribute to the content!  One comment is particularly telling: “In 1997, IBM recommended that its employees … Continue reading

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Is social software or Web 2.0 for small companies?

One of my favourite quotes about the need for social software was from someone at Lotusphere who was talking about the integration of Bank of New York and Mellon Financial in the States.  He stated that the problem was he … Continue reading

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Dinner with Headshift and SocialText

Had a great evening last night at a dinner in London organised by Headshift and SocialText.  Was great to meet everyone and some great discussions around social software (and other topics…!)

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ROI of blogging

Continuing on a theme of ROI for various Web 2.0 tools, I started thinking about the ROI of blogging. Part of the problem is that blogs, being tools, can be applied to multiple problems. So the ROI of ‘blogs’ is … Continue reading

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Corporate Facebook – should you use Facebook or a Facebook-type system?

Haven’t posted about Facebook for a while but this comment from Emmanuele raised some interesting points which I felt deserved their own post. When I wrote about how Facebook itself wasn’t neccessarily a great intranet, but Facebook-type systems would be, … Continue reading

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Instant Messaging ROI – IBM case study

IBM have recently published an ROI study about their own internal use of instant messaging. I was initially quite excited about this, I am a huge instant messaging fan, and sometimes I think the fact that it seems like such … Continue reading

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