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Enterprise 2.0 Conference… and a holiday!

Am off to the Enterprise 2.0 Forum in Varese tomorrow – and taking the opportunity to spend some time out in Italy – so may not be posting for a week or so. I should stay active on Twitter though. … Continue reading

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Product Packaging

Have just finished reading Inside Steve’s Brain¬†which talks about Apple’s obsession with packaging and the ‘unboxing’ experience. ¬†Jobs is apparently obsessive about people’s first interaction with his product, and it should be as seamless and as in keeping with Apple’s … Continue reading

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Organisations using twitter

I mentioned in a previous post that Jive were talking about Comcast paying people to monitor Twitter and engage with people having issues. Have just seen VMWare doing the same thing with Stuart McIntyre. Seems like a fantastic way to … Continue reading

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Lotus Connections 2.0 Install Guide

IBM has released Lotus Connections 2.0. The install process for pilots is greatly improved but there’s still some tricky steps if you’re doing an install for test, staging, proof of concept or production so I’ve updated my install guide for … Continue reading

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Jive Seminar – Building Communities to Grow Your Business

Attended the Jive Seminar on Building Communities to Grow Your Business yesterday. Was a great event and very well attended. Sam Lawrence from Jive stole the show with a very engaging presentation/discussion on the how’s and why’s of community building … Continue reading

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How to sell Enterprise 2.0

Came across a presentation by Mike Kavis on how to sell SOA. It’s a great presentation and worth registering to listen to. I was struck by the parallels between how we try to position Enterprise 2.0 or Web 2.0 and … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 ROI discussion at Web 2.0 Strategies

Was at the Web 2.0 Strategies forum today and took part in a social software ROI discussion. The discussion wandered quite easily onto the ROI of blogging or the ROI of wikis, and the features and functions of the tools. … Continue reading

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Case study on wiki use for revenue growth

I attended a webinar last night hosted by PBwiki titled “Growing in a down market with PBwiki“. All in all it was very interesting. Here are the main points: The webinar went very smoothly. This is not to be underestimated, … Continue reading

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Principles of wiki and Enterprise 2.0 adoption

There’s a great conversation going on at the Enterprise 2.0 forum community site around barriers to Enterprise 2.0 adoption. It’s probably one of the most common questions we come across so I thought I’d share our principles for successful wiki/Enterprise … Continue reading

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ROI of Social Software

A lot of social software evangelists hate the ROI argument. We like to compare it to the ROI of email and phones and complain that no-one ever asks an ROI proof for those technologies. We like cartoons like these: Yet … Continue reading

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