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Basketball and blogging

It’s not often that my two worlds of basketball and Enterprise 2.0 collide – but here’s a great article by Slam magazine (can you still get that in the UK?) on how blogging affects bench players in the NBA.  Apparently … Continue reading

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ROI of tagging

Here’s another ROI case study of social software from IBM – in short social tagging saves the average user 12 seconds when searching for information.  As there are 286,000+ searches every week, this equates to 955 hours per week resulting … Continue reading

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Don’t make me think!

Spent a great afternoon with Headshift the other week, where I shared my thoughts about Enterprise 2.0 needing to be in the flow of existing collaborative tools.  I was challenged by Tom (blogs here) who made a strong case that collaboration … Continue reading

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Death of the laptop

Over the last week, without consciously deciding to do so, I’ve been leaving my laptop at the office.  This happened one Friday when I was going away immediately after work and didn’t want to carry it around all weekend.  But it’s stayed … Continue reading

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New wiki consultancy

An exciting announcement over at Grow Your Wiki – Stewart Mader is leaving Atlassian (although he will continue to work part time on special projects) to start a new venture focusing on Wiki Consulting.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting … Continue reading

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Shazam – killer iPhone app

I don’t usually blog about toys but Shazam has to be one of the cleverest iPhone apps yet.  A few years back I was wondering whether digital radio would allow you to hear a song on the radio, not be … Continue reading

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Very cool Interactive Water Board

Not too sure what Google hits I’ll get for talking about a water board but the video on this is very very cool Not entirely sure what it would be used for though…

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Enterprise 2.0 – Command not control

Just finished Blink by Malcolm Gladwell which is a fascinating read.  One of the concepts he discusses is being “in command but out of control”. The context is a U.S. war game in which Van Riper was placed in command … Continue reading

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Social software – the basics

Sometimes you spend so much time thinking about things you over-complicate.  Enterprise 2.0 can be very simple. Do you believe that there is business value in who you know as well as what you know? Do you believe that a strong network of … Continue reading

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