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Death of ROI

Blog post after my own heart by Penny Edward of Headshift on the death of ROI for improvement and innovation.

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Why bother with Social Software?

Does social software really add value?  Does an Enterprise 2.0 ROI actually exist?  How would you measure it?  Is it just for time wasters (like email, the internet, instant messaging etc.).  During a credit crunch surely employees could be performing more … Continue reading

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Speaking at Somesso

I will be speaking at the Somesso Corporate Social Media Conference in Zurich on 31st October on “How to get started implementing social software”. There is a 25% discount if you want to go, use the code XYSO08CHEADSH after clicking on … Continue reading

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Cost of social software

One of the strongest arguments around adopting social software is that you can do so easily and at very low cost when compared with ‘traditional’ IT solutions.  Given today’s economic volatility and frozen IT budgets it may make sense to … Continue reading

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Tendering process

Just saw this story about City of London corporation choosing Open Text for their content management solution.  What I couldn’t believe is that the tendering process took two years!!  First, this seems an unbelieveably unproductive use of time, and second, … Continue reading

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Another use for Facebook

Came across another use for Facebook yesterday – my basketball team needs to get photo licenses for a tournament we are entering which we don’t usually need to do.  Cue dramatic scenes at practice with someone bringing in a digital … Continue reading

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Signal vs noise

A topic that came out of the recent Gurteen Knowledge Cafe was the value of noise.  A lot of time we look to increase the signal to noise ratio with the understanding that noise is bad and distracting.  Luis made … Continue reading

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Gurteen Knowledge Cafe

Spent a highly enjoyable evening at the Gurteen Knowledge Cafe last Wednesday.  Never actually been to one before so wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I certainly didn’t anticipate running into all sorts of people who I knew from other … Continue reading

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Applying systems to social software

There was a story last week about an iPhone app that the Obama team launched to help organise contacts in key swing states.  What it does is applies a system to your informal network of friends, to track who has … Continue reading

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