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Last week there was a story about Glen o’Glaza’s post on the Adam Boulton Sky News blog. In the post he complains about the conditions for journalists during their trip with Gordon Brown to Iraq. There seems to have been quite a backlash to his complaints, many comparing his conditions with those endured by the soldiers on the ground. There are two points to make here:

1) Sky have done the right thing by keeping the posting up after the negative publicity. To take the post down after it had been reported in the press would have been a mistake, as people searching for it and finding it had been removed would probably have imagined it to be worse than it was!

2) It is absolutely vital when writing blogs that you know your audience. o’Glaza probably had a certain audience in mind when we wrote the post who would be sympathetic. However, on a public blog you cannot target your posts so that only certain people will read it – the whole point is that it is there for the world to see.

Part of the reason we talk so much at Trovus about the importance of a blogging strategy and a content strategy is that blogs can ruin brands and reputations just as easily as they can make them. Blogs are a tool amongst many other marketing tools – it is how you use them that makes the difference and potentially allows you to differentiate substantially from your competitors.

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