Blogs – an online diary?

I recently recommended to someone that they read this blog to understand what my thought processes were and experiences as I joined Trovus. This was all pretty much work related so I posted it on Trovus’s blog site.

However it got me thinking about blogs as personal diaries. From a business perspective I never liked that description of a blog. It sounds like a whistful time-wasting distraction, rather than a valuable business tool, so I tend to avoid that definition. However, in the same way that people (or at least I) use my sent folder to remember what I said to someone at a certain point in time for business reasons, blogs can be used to recall how I was thinking or feeling. Whether that is for my own interest or if I want to share with someone else what was going through my head at a certain point in time – a blog as an online diary captures that perfectly, rather than trying to recall and articulate the moment 6 months after the fact.

Perhaps there is value in the blog as a diary after all…

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