Enterprise 2.0 Conference… and a holiday!

Am off to the Enterprise 2.0 Forum in Varese tomorrow – and taking the opportunity to spend some time out in Italy – so may not be posting for a week or so. I should stay active on Twitter though.

Am really looking forward to the conference, there’s quite a lot of buzz around it and am especially looking forward to meeting a lot of people I’ve got to know over the last year through blogging and twitter.

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3 Responses to Enterprise 2.0 Conference… and a holiday!

  1. Richard Fahey says:

    Enjoy your holiday!
    BTW think that link for Stewart Mader is http://ikiw.org (wiki backwards)

  2. Jon Mell says:

    Thanks Richard – have amended the link!

  3. Dvir Reznik says:


    First of all – Enjoy your vacation!!

    Secondly, waiting your impressions and posts from E2.0 Forum, and say Hi to @elusa 🙂

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