A Facebook engagement

Wow – a long delay in posting, a serious crime in the blog scene but I have some excuses.

1) Work continues to take up a huge amount of time, we had a fantastic seminar at Cisco’s headquarters last week with over 70 in attendence.

2) Am moving to St Albans and leaving behind my beloved 0207 area code.

3) I got engaged!

There is actually a web 2.0 angle to this as well. Claire only got really excited about the engagement once she was able to change her status on Facebook! Apparently that made it ‘official’. Is this the new announcement in the Times?

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  1. Tom says:

    Nice to see you blogging again Jon and many congrats on the engagement!

    A girl in my old office got engaged and showing off pictures of the ring on facebook and googling wedding dresses consumed about a week! Weddings are certainly 2.0 these days

  2. Will Critchlow says:

    3) – thinking of telling us at any point? (or showing up to ball ever again)?

    Congrats though. That’s awesome news.

  3. Jon Mell says:

    I missed one session!

  4. Kathy Brewis says:

    Hello, I’m a journalist (boo, hiss) doing a feature on Facebook and social networking more generally. I’d love to include some engagement/wedding stories. I’m also curious to know how many people have been dumped via FB – would you just quietly remove them as a friend, or change your status to single… ouch, so many ways to break a heart… Kathy Brewis, The Sunday Times Magazine, kathy.brewis@sunday-times.co.uk

  5. Jon Mell says:

    Hi Kathy, thanks for your post.

    Have had debates with friends about the public nature of relationships ending over Facebook. The most common mis-understanding is where someone initially puts up their relationship status then decides they don’t want it public any more so removes it (even though they haven’t broken up or anything). Facebook puts a broken heart image in the News Feed for all your friends to see next time they log on, saying “x is no longer in a relationship”. Cue influx of concerned phone calls/emails/wall posts!

    Let me know when they article is out, will look out for it!

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