Facebook for the Enterprise

I got caught again yesterday trying to explain what web communities mean to Enterprise, and what exactly it is that Trovus do. Fortunately, I’m also seeing more and more press coverage talking about this and validating that it really is the next big thing. I used the concepts from this article from IP Business to get out of yesterday’s predicament!

UPDATE – Caspar Craven at Trovus has posted a similar article on our corporate blog – see it here. Apparently 41% of people on Facebook are 35 or older!

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  1. Ed C says:

    don’t worry about telling people what Trovus does…once we three have worked it out they will be the first to know!

  2. David Mell says:

    It really is not just the Enterprise. Back in the Dark Ages (when your 60 year-old Father was at work) there was the concept of the “Extended Enterprise”. – All the supplieres, Agents and customers of a Company. Of course companies can be both suppliers and customers of each other – so these are truely Networks built on several mutual interests. Harnessing the power of these networks gives a company real competitive advantage.There are similar peer-to-peer Networks without a central hub [dominant company] – examples are solicitors doing conveyancing or even major players in an industry – in the past these players co-operated (by interminal meetings) to do things like building EDI networks.
    I suspect the most important point from the IP article will turn out to be the last sentence “The more startling transformations might occur as openness spreads beyond each enterprise’s domain boundary”. Using “Social” [or “communty”] networking in this space will be the real payoff.

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