Facebook statuses can be useful!

So my flat-mate can’t stand them. He finds it very annoying that he is inundated with the boring minutiae of peoples’ lives (although this does not stop him using it to the same effect…!) However, I actually found a use for Facebook status yesterday. I’d emailed someone who I needed to get in touch with. Well, actually I hadn’t emailed them, I sent them a Facebook message, so I wasn’t 100% sure if he’d picked it up or not (strange that I still don’t ‘trust’ Facebook on that front in the same way I do email or voicemail). So I checked his profile to see if he’d been on-line recently. He had, and his Facebook status said he was going to Singapore tomorrow! I would have probably waited until later in the week to chase up if I hadn’t seen that and missed the window.

By the way, the reason I contacted him via Facebook as opposed to calling in the first place was because I didn’t have his number – so how did I call him? It was on his Facebook contact info…

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