Have you read his blog?

I was in a meeting with a customer a few weeks back with the sales manager and the MD of this particular company. I knew the sales manager from way back and he had sponsored us in. On the way out the MD asked me something about Facebook and before I could reply the sales director replied “of course, he talks about this on his blog!”

There’s a lot been going around recently about the dangers that having a blog or Facebook/MySpace profile to your business image – but as I wrote recently there are also dangers about not a blog.

However, this comment caught my imagination. Few sales reps will call on a company without checking their website to get some background information. Similarly, few companies will accept a call from a sales rep without checking out the seller’s company on-line as well.

How long before it becomes a matter of routine not just to research the company, but also the individual – and you will be expected to have read the blog writings of the person you are about to meet, just as you would their company website?

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