How to make people engage with Enterprise 2.0 – your vote counts!

Whilst looking at the videos from the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston one thing jumped out at me in terms of engagement. A panelist (I can’t remember who, sorry!) said that in US Elections the number one indicator as to whether a citizen would vote or not is whether they feel their vote would make a difference. This factor beats all other demographics. The idea was that there is a similar pattern in employee adoption of Enterprise 2.0 – if someone feels that their comment, blog post, wiki entry, bookmark tag will make a difference, they are more likely to contribute.

What is needed is a feedback loop so that when changes happen, deals are won, projects are completed on time and to budget those people who made a difference by contributing via social software are made aware that their change was positive and valued. This suggests that rating systems are essential in Enterprise 2.0 social software!

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