I must be getting old…

Over Christmas my 4 (and 3/4) year old niece started playing with my parents’ ten year old sound system (it’s not as bad as the picture… 😉 ). “I want it to play Moves Like Jagger”, she declared, and started pushing buttons, assuming that all the songs she would want to hear were stored on the machine.

She hit the CD eject button – “Why does it have a DVD player?”

She then hit the tape eject button – “What is that?!?”

Unfortunately my parents don’t have Moves Like Jagger, so she went back to unwrapping presents…

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  1. Dave Hay says:

    Reminds me of when my beloved tried to use the Macbook like the iPad, and wondered why she couldn’t move down the page merely by dragging her finger down the screen ….

    Have heard the same about people with kids who try and drive the telly like an iPad, and wonder why they can’t pinch pictures etc.

  2. Your “Getting Old” post reminds me of what one of my friends told me yesterday.
    His 11 year old son was doing an essay for the school in MS Word and when he was finished his father told him to save it by pressing the disk icon in the upper left corner.
    The sons answer was: What is a disk?
    Go figure 😉

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