Knowledge management is about people

Have been meaning to comment on this for a while – Richard Dennison has a post on his excellent blog about BT’s Knowledge Management programme. He quotes three things that he would like to achieve:

  • expose in the network who people are and what they are interested in/working on/thinking about …
  • provide a way to search through the above and then offer a simple mechanism to connect like-minded people together in networks
  • automatically expose the activities of individuals to those in their networks through activity streams.

What struck me about this was that all three are fundamentally about finding people, not documents, records, Powerpoints, wiki pages, blog posts etc.

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  1. Simon Carswell says:

    I think Richard’s three objectives are spot on. If I had to name a single tool that came closest to achieveing them all, it would be Twitter (or an enterprise version thereof).

  2. Mike says:

    We’re in the process of implementing this at my firm (a certain well know international consultancy).

    The twitter-like functionality is basically integrated into the intranet “profile page” for each consultant, the idea is if you are searching for someone in the firm directory you can instantly get an idea if this is the right person to talk to.

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