Joining Headshift!

After just over a year of working at Trovus – I am excited (and somewhat sad!) to be able to say publically that I am moving to Headshift to join their Enterprise Practice. As some of you know, Trovus has changed a lot (as any startup does) over the last year and we have moved toward a product geared around web analytics telling you who has visted your website, as opposed to Web 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0 consultancy.

It’s been great fun working with Trovus, developing the Trovus Revelations product, repositioning the company around a product and launching the new website, but my interests lie firmly in the Enterprise 2.0 / social software world, rather than web analytics. This is exactly what Headshift focus on, so I’m really excited to be joining their team.

So I’ll be starting at Headshift on the 15th September after a holiday in Edinburgh (which will include Will Critchlow‘s wedding!)

It’s been great fun at Trovus, and I wish Caspar and Ed all the best – they have a great product and a great future ahead of them!

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  1. Wow, Jon, that is most excellent news! I wasn’t aware that Trovus had changed direction in such a major way. I too wish Ed and Caspar the best – it’s sad that they see their value in other areas.

    As for your move, Headshift seem like a great bunch and the synergy certainly seems to be there in terms of your passion for Web2.0/social software and their business model. I am sure it will be a great success.

  2. Jon Mell says:

    Hi Stuart – many thanks! The change at Trovus makes a lot of sense. In the market and networks they have they can provide a lot more value to their customers by focusing on the Trovus Revelations application – it just wasn’t the right marketplace for Web 2.0

  3. Martin Koser says:

    Jon, congrats to the move!

    I still hope that you’ll continue to share your learnings with us via this blog …

    And Lee, if you’re reading this: “Nice catch” 🙂

  4. Public congrats 🙂

    And take it easy before my wedding – I know it’s your birthday but don’t get everyone drunk the night before…

  5. Jon Mell says:

    Thanks Guys – don’t worry about people getting drunk Will, I’m going to be officially old so will be craving for bed and cocoa by 10:30…

  6. The team at Headshift are really looking fwd to you joining. Your desk is ready and the nabaztag has moved on to other targets.

  7. Interestingly, Jon, I was browsing the Trovus website only a couple of days ago and noticed your absence and the new focus. It all makes sense now!

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  9. Cali Clarke says:

    Congratulations on the new role – look forward to hearing more about it

  10. Jon Mell says:

    Thanks Cali – am meeting Paul Martin Smith today to discuss Headshift / IBM relationship around Connections. Will let you know how it goes!

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