Lotus Connections 2.5 install guide

Plan to (belatedly) update my Connections 2.5 install guide soon (before New Year). Was thinking that for single server install the 2.0 guide works pretty well for 2.5 so thinking of something different… Linux? Clustering? Different LDAPs?

If anyone has requests please comment below.

Update: I found that IBM now has a pretty good step by step guide on their wiki, so no point reinventing the wheel.

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  1. Dave Hay says:

    Two gotchas from me: –

    a) Check that the Web Services Feature Pack for WebSphere Application Server is NOT installed, as it breaks Bookmarks. The LC25 team will (probably) release a Technote on this at some point and/or update the Sys. Req. document
    b) Check that HTTP PUT method is allowed in any URL rewriting rules in the web server configuration, or person tagging in Profiles will be borked

    Check my blog for more details on both …

  2. Sharon Bellamy says:

    a couple of things for me that i have noticed.

    In a windows vm environment when configuring the web server i have found i have to import the default was certificate into both http and plug-in key stores or ssl doesn’t work

    for clustering you HAVE to change the min max size of the jvm for the addnode script and deployment manager or federation fails

    and there of course is the whole if you move db / file store which i blogged on the connections blog.

    I have my own guide (which uses oracle / AD ) so i can give you a copy of that if it helps 🙂

  3. Dave Hay says:

    Sharon, did the LC25 installer not warn you that you needed to increase the heapsize on the DM node ? I’m sure it nagged me to do this, and I didn’t need to change the addNode.sh on the WAS node, Dave

  4. Sharon Bellamy says:

    ahh yes you are right 2.5 did previous versions didn’t. I still needed to change my nodeagent.bat on windows (def when it’s a vm) or it fails also …

  5. Jon Mell says:

    Thanks guys – will credit in the doc of course.

    Any suggested scenarios? Clustered on Linux is my current thinking…?

  6. Dave Hay says:

    Jon, yep, I’d vote for clustering on Linux, as non-clustered is sooo last version 🙂 Let me know if you need owt as I have a single node cluster running on VMware here

  7. Greg says:

    My company uses IBM Cognos BI and we use Microsoft sharepoint at the moment.
    We would like to move into IBM Lotus Connection 3.
    I tried to install IBM Lotus connection in my test environment but I am finding it absolutely difficult to configure with WebSphere and IBM Cognos BI server10.1.1.
    Can you provide me step by step instruction to make this system work.

    I would be very thankful.


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