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Smarter WorkforceOver the past 18 months or so I’ve been running the sales integration of Kenexa into IBM Europe. It was an exceptionally interesting experience, and, whilst it dramatically reduced the amount of time I got to spend with customers it was hugely fulfilling in terms of bringing such a large SaaS based sales team into IBM and watching the evolution of our Smarter Workforce story into our Social Business strategy – something I think is truly differential. If you think about it, you provide a social business platform for your employees to allow them to be as effective as they possibly can be, but it’s only one of the levers you pull in order to have a better and more engaged workforce than your competitors. I have long been arguing that Social Business is a means, not an end, and with Kenexa we have the solution across recruiting, engagement and assessments alongside IBM Connections to empower your workforce to beat the competition. For example, here is a video showing our newest offering in this space, the IBM Kenexa Talent Suite fully integrating Talent Management and Social Business (powered by IBM Connections)

But – these roles come to an end. As of 1st April I have taken on my first UK role (previously I had been focused on Europe) leading the entire spectrum of IBM’s social offerings – social platforms like Connections available on-premises or as SaaS, our GBS consulting and IBM Interactive team that builds sites like Wimbledon, our web content management solutions, analytics, and of course Kenexa/Smarter Workforce.

It’s great to be able to work with the whole breadth of IBM Social Business offerings, as well as really focusing on our UK business.

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