Online with BT Broadband and BT Vision

Well – I finally have Broadband in St Albans! Here, check details at The whole process of getting it up and running got me thinking about Broadband packages in the UK

We signed up with BT one of the main reasons being the BT Vision TV on demand option. Both myself and my fiance like watching films, so we thought this might be good. I am also a firm believer that “on-demand” TV is the future. However, BT Vision is not with us yet as you will see.

Before I start recounting my experiencing of ordering a ‘single package’ from BT I would like to caveat with the fact that the actual experience of getting on-line once the Home Hub arrived was fantastic. Far and away the simplest wireless setup I’ve ever used (except for the Cricket APN settings), certainly a far cry from the initial offerings of a few years ago.

Anyway – here is how the conversation with BT (over the phone, and paraphrased) went

Me “Hello, I’d like to order BT Phone, Broadband and Vision”
BT “Ok, I can do that for you – can I take the address”
Me “123 my street etc.”
BT “Ok, the line there is all ok” (relief on my part as many places I have rented simply haven’t been wired)
BT “so that will be ready for you in 16 days”
Me “What?”
BT “It takes 16 days to switch over from the old line”

This is strange. Before, when BT have installed a brand new line it is ready within hourse. However, when all the infrastructure is there, and all they need to do is switch the owner, it takes 16 days.

I then sign up for a 12 month Broadband contract rather than a 18 month one

Me “Can I get Broadband Vision too”
BT “Sure, I’ll just transfer you to another department for that”
Me “But I thought it was just a single package”
BT “I’ll have to transfer you to another department. And you’ll need your order number when you speak to them”
Me “I’m currently in a car (not driving) I can’t write anything down. Can you tell your colleague my order number as you transfer me?”
BT “I can’t do that, I can only transfer the call, I can’t talk to the individual beforehand”
Me “What business are you in?”

So I find a way to remember the order number and get transferred to BT Vision

Me “Hello, I’d like to order BT Vision”
BT “Ok – can I take your phone number”
Me “I don’t have one yet, I’ve literally just ordered it and your Broadband package”
BT “Ah – I can see you won’t get one for 16 days”
Me “That’s right”
BT “You’ll have to call us back in 16 days”
Me (having worked in sales and knowing all about capturing a customer at the moment they decide to buy) – stunned silence

So eventually, once Broadband is up and running (very well) – I call BT Vision

Me “Hello, I’d like to order BT Vision. Here’s my BT phone number”
BT “That’s great, it will take 8 days to activate…”

I know that Distilled have had some interesting issues with BT Business too. The thing is, I think their products and their vision (no pun intended) are fantastic, and can’t wait to get BT Vision. TV on-demand is definitely the future. They just don’t seem to be joined up or make it easy for you to buy from them…

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2 Responses to Online with BT Broadband and BT Vision

  1. Will Critchlow says:

    Everyone I speak to about it seems to have had a nightmare with BT of one form or another.

    I can’t believe how hard it is to get different departments talking to one another. **COMMUNICATIONS**!

  2. mrrichard says:

    Thanks for an entertaining post – very funny but tragic really for BT. How can they a) take so long and b) have such a lack of comms between departments? It makes me wonder if it’s any better ordering online as I’ve promoted BT Vision online but have never actually ordered it myself.

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