Sharepoint as an Enterprise 2.0 platform

After my recent posts on Jive, Socialtext and Connections, some people have been asking me where I see Sharepoint fitting in. I was planning a long post on it, but having read Thomas Vander Wal’s recent post I have nothing left to add. I’d just like to highlight one of his points:

“Many who deployed SharePoint, thought it was going to be the bridge that delivered Enterprise 2.0 and a solid platform for social tools in the enterprise is summed up statement, “We went from 5 silos in our organization to hundreds in a month after deploying SharePoint”. They continue, “There is great information being shared and flowing into the system, but we don’t know it exists, nor can we easily share it, nor do much of anything with that information.

The overriding message that we are hearing is that Sharepoint is a good document management / file sharing system, especially in terms of Vista / Office / Outlook integration. There’s no reason why you can’t add social tools on top of it, but don’t look to it as a social software platform in its own right.

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