Social software – the basics

Sometimes you spend so much time thinking about things you over-complicate.  Enterprise 2.0 can be very simple.

  • Do you believe that there is business value in who you know as well as what you know?
  • Do you believe that a strong network of contacts can help you get things done and make things happen?
  • Would you like to help your employees get things done and make things happen?

If so, then the question is not why would you use social software, but why would you not? If you are looking for new software then check out bespoke software development in UK.

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4 Responses to Social software – the basics

  1. Dvir Reznik says:


    Excellent !!

    So short, yet so simple 🙂


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  3. Steve Dale says:

    Great post Jon. Reminds me I should be updating my blog with some good social networking/media tips.

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