Surround yourself with greatness

For those who don’t know basketball, Michael Jordan was the greatest player of all time. LeBron James (currently 22) is the latest in a long line of those considered to be the ‘next’ Michael Jordan (but he really might be. No, seriously…) Anyway, I picked up a great blog post about how Jordan was a unique combination of phenomenal natural talent, with a work ethic as if he was the worst player on the team, plus a ‘supporting cast’ of people who were the best in their field (trainer, coach, marketing etc.)

The real debate, as picked up in the blog, is whether or not that entourage reflected Michael’s greatness, or whether they would have been successful by themselves anyway. My feeling is that they would have been successful anyway, and Michael would have been great without them, but together the whole was greater than the sum of the parts for all concerned.

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