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Our flagship digital presence at Wimbledon is For two weeks of the year, it is one of the busiest websites of the world with 19.7 million unique users and 433 million page views, and is updated 140,000 times each day. Whilst we have seen a phenomenal increase in mobile apps (and completely refreshed our apps for this year) 80% of users still access the website.

So we need a platform that can:

  • Scale to deal with peaks and troughs compatible with a cloud infrastructure
  • One platform to provide both desktop, mobile and tablet versions through adaptive design (40% of browser views are from a mobile device)
  • Flexible to incorporate the beautiful designs of our Interactive Experience team
  • Integrate with back end applications that manage the real time updates of the scoring systems
  • Simple enough for the editorial team to make real-time updates, responding to trends detected on social media
  • Support the 140,000 updates made each day
  • Ultimately – it needs to be the next best thing to being there


The obvious choice was to use our IBM Customer Experience Suite software hosted in the IBM Cloud environment, which powers some of the best websites of the world including Webby winners, but is also simple enough for our team of tennis experts (it’s easier to train a tennis expert to use our software than it is to make an expert in our software a tennis guru!) update the site at the speed of social.

Customer Experience Suite can also manage the content management and application integration of mobile apps as well as mobile sites, so is ideal for organisations who maintain a mobile web presence as well as a mobile app – you can manage the content from one system. IBM Worklight makes for the ideal mobile application development environment, fully integrated with your mobile Portal and web CMS.

There are some fantastic additions to the site this year, such as a revamped SlamTracker and Hill vs World which I’ll blog about over the next few days. If you need to enhance your web presence, give editorial power back to business users, or engage with customers through mobile sites and apps alongside a traditional desktop site, you should definitely give Customer Experience Suite a serious look.

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