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A recent McKinsey quarterley looked at the quality of content in wikis and blogs for coprorate use. They looked at 573 users of the four most popular video sharing sites in Germany and found that the motivation behind posting was fame, have fun, and share experiences with friends rather than any expectation of financial reward.

This certainly strikes a chord with me after I published the Lotus Connections install guide on Trovus’s blog. It’s been picked up by the lotusconnections blog, and some sites in a foreign language that I don’t understand! That certainly boosts my ego (those who know me will question whether that’s a good thing!) and encourages me to produce and deliver more useful content to the community. So thank you very much to Stuart and Neil for thinking it was a worthwhile document to post.

The best response however, was an email I received from a lady in Holland which read thus:

“Dear Mr. Mell,

I want to take this oppertunity to thank you for you excellent document on installing Lotus Connections. Without it I would not have managed it. And even though I run on Linux, the Windows instructions have proven to be extremely valuable.

So agian, thank you very much.”

That completely made my day, and gave me a warm feeling that a financial reward would find very hard to compete with. I would just like to say thank you to the person who sent this, and hope your project is a success.

However, the pace of technology is so fast – IBM have released an update to Lotus Connections with a “quick install” option, making my document pretty much useless! Oh well, thanks to people like Neil, Stuart and by Dutch contact I now have the motivation to produce something better!

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