Tips and tricks for Lotus Quickr (WebSphere Portal version)

Aside from the Lotus Connections install guide I don’t usually put much technical stuff up here – but we’ve been using Lotus Quickr (WebSphere Portal version) for a few months and there have been a few little things that were driving me crazy with no documentation available from IBM but that we’ve now managed to fix, so I’d thought I’d share.

Some have already been posted on the Quickr blog, so apologies for repetition, but thought I’d would include them all here for completeness.

UK date format
This one really bugged me.  The default install has everything MM/DD/YY which is surprisingly annoying.  To fix use the attached CreateLanguage.xml file and log in to Quickr as an Administrator.  Go to Site Administration -> Advanced Administration -> Import XML and use the attached CreateLanguage.xml file.  If your server and browser are set to UK English the date and time settings should be DD/MM/YY.  If not, you may need to set the user profile to English UK.  Thanks to Dave Hay for pointing me in the right direction.
Hide signup page
You may not want any and everyone to be able to sign up to your Quickr site.  This is not documented by IBM but there is an XML file which will do this.
Log in to Quickr as an Administrator and go to Site Administration -> Advanced Administration -> Import XML.
Choose Quickr \ PortalServer \ QPG \ Teamspace \ Teamspace \ teamspace \ config \ xmlaccess \ HideSignUpPage.xml
Once this has been run the link to the sign up page should be removed
Prevent all users from being able to create a place
If you open up your Quickr site to people outside you organisation you probably won’t want everyone to be able to create a place.  To set this go to Site Administration -> Advanced Administration -> Manage Pages -> Content Root -> Home -> Click the Permissions icon next to Create New.
Edit the user role
Remove “all authenticated portal users”
Click Add and add the users (or more likely groups) of people who are allowed to create places
Hope these are useful.
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11 Responses to Tips and tricks for Lotus Quickr (WebSphere Portal version)

  1. Figs says:

    Thanks for the info on setting UK date formats, this works well but I noticed that after applying the language xml and restarting Quickr, the Global Settings | “Default portal language” drop-down box is empty.
    Has anyone else experienced this on

  2. Jon Mell says:

    Yes – this happens for me too. Maybe it is fixed in 8.1 but so far I can’t find the incremental install that is promised in the infocenter…

  3. Monika says:

    Do you know how to remove the links from the footer bar in quickr? The Tools which contains Find people for example. I can set permissions so that FInd People doesn’t show for certain roles, but that doesn’t remove the link from the footer.


  4. jonmell says:

    Hi Monika – sorry, I don’t know how to do that. If you want to remove the links entirely for all users I’d imagine it would be something to do with the theme but I’m not 100% certain.

  5. Jeremy Griffin says:

    Hi Jon,

    CreateLanguage.xml link seems to be broken? (Error 404)
    Prob too old an article but do you still have / is there another fix to get UK date formats to Quickr / Sametime?

  6. Jon Mell says:

    Hi Jeremy – oops, unfortunately it looks like I lost it when I migrated my blog over from blogger. I don’t seem to have a copy anywhere but will see if I can dig it out or recreate it. Do any readers have it if they downloaded it previously?

  7. Jon Mell says:

    Found it! Try it now.

  8. Satya says:

    Hi Friend
    i created many places in quickr i need some places only but there many places. how can i delete places please explain

  9. Jon Mell says:

    Assuming you are using the Domino version – go to the place, click Customise at the top and at the bottom of that page there is the delete button

  10. Anil says:

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the helpful tips. Do you know if there is any way (REST APIs, Web Services, etc.) to programmatically set folder & document permissions in Quickr WebSphere 8.5 version?


  11. Jon Mell says:

    Hi – afraid not – have you tried the forum

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