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Fear of Failure in Enterprise 2.0

“Fear of failure” is often seen as an inhibitor in life, both professionally and personally.  I was with a client the other day who certainly had a fear of failure around Enterprise 2.0.  They wanted to get it absolutely right, … Continue reading

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Migrate to WordPress

Just had a very smooth migration to WordPress from Blogger after pressure from various people.  I’ve managed to keep the same domain and I think/hope my Google/Technorati juice.  Here’s how… is registered via Pipex.  I have been using Custom … Continue reading

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So why wouldn’t you blog?

Was fortunate enough to have a brief email conversation with Ed Brill the other day. For those of you who don’t know, Ed is the worldwide Notes/Domino sales leader for IBM. He’s also on of, if not their most prolific … Continue reading

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ROI of blogging

Continuing on a theme of ROI for various Web 2.0 tools, I started thinking about the ROI of blogging. Part of the problem is that blogs, being tools, can be applied to multiple problems. So the ROI of ‘blogs’ is … Continue reading

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I’ve known about Ideastorm for some time, but admittedly have never actually visited the site. I finally did so a while back and I have to say I absolutely love it. The compelling element for me was to see that … Continue reading

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Blogs and wikis are the new printing press

Was watching a Stephen Fry programme last night about the Gutenberg printing press. What struck me was the similar language he used to describe the barriers and effect the printing press had compared to how we describe blogs and wikis. … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 to manage business process exceptions – another ROI

Social software/Web 2.0 tools such as blogs/wikis/instant messaging can be a great way to manage the exceptions to your business processes. Here’s why… In a previous life, I was an SOA Evangelist for IBM’s WebSphere integration suite. A large amount … Continue reading

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Backfiring blogs

Last week there was a story about Glen o’Glaza’s post on the Adam Boulton Sky News blog. In the post he complains about the conditions for journalists during their trip with Gordon Brown to Iraq. There seems to have been … Continue reading

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Have you read his blog?

I was in a meeting with a customer a few weeks back with the sales manager and the MD of this particular company. I knew the sales manager from way back and he had sponsored us in. On the way … Continue reading

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IdealPeople blog

Have just posted on Rewarding Dialogue about a great example of a blog. I actually used these guys (IdealPeople) to get the job I had before this one, and had no idea at the time that they were embracing this … Continue reading

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