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Social software ROI

A few weeks ago I was in Zurich presenting at Somesso. Part of my talk was around ROI where I had the opportunity to speak about why ROI is so difficult for social software. First, it’s always worth checking whether … Continue reading

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Social software – the basics

Sometimes you spend so much time thinking about things you over-complicate.  Enterprise 2.0 can be very simple. Do you believe that there is business value in who you know as well as what you know? Do you believe that a strong network of … Continue reading

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ROI of Social Software

A lot of social software evangelists hate the ROI argument. We like to compare it to the ROI of email and phones and complain that no-one ever asks an ROI proof for those technologies. We like cartoons like these: Yet … Continue reading

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Social Software Strategy vs Tools

Finally got round to listening to Jive’s Business Social Software Jeopardy which contained some brilliant insights into the market. The overwhelming sentiment was “It’s not the tools, it’s the strategy” – which is something I keep telling clients time and … Continue reading

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Why are corporates scared of social software?

Great post by Sam Lawrence on how organisations have been scared of developments in collaborative software (email, instant messaging, and now social networking) over the years but now are regarded as mainstream. Could the same be true for Web 2.0/wikis/blogs?

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Is social software or Web 2.0 for small companies?

One of my favourite quotes about the need for social software was from someone at Lotusphere who was talking about the integration of Bank of New York and Mellon Financial in the States.  He stated that the problem was he … Continue reading

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Social software – balance ease of use with compliance

Interesting conversation at Go Big Always which starts off looking at how the simplicity of Social Software “cuts through the crap” of silos, file servers etc. that build up within an organisation and goes on to discuss the problem of … Continue reading

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Innovation as a differentiator

One of the trends I’ve been noticing over the last 6 months or so is the focus of IT solutions being seen as a way of squeezing cost out of a business has faded. Instead, there is much more of … Continue reading

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Why contribute to a social networking site?

Something I learned from my recent trip to Lotusphere was the idea that the motivation for content contributors is very different from the motivation for content seekers, and that to increase adoption rates it is essential to cater for both … Continue reading

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Social networking for the enterprise

Well – have just returned from Lotusphere in Orlando which is IBM’s conference for customers and partners for its collaboration software. I must admit I was a little apprehensive about the content – when I worked for IBM Lotus was … Continue reading

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