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New wiki consultancy

An exciting announcement over at Grow Your Wiki – Stewart Mader is leaving Atlassian (although he will continue to work part time on special projects) to start a new venture focusing on Wiki Consulting.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting … Continue reading

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The job’s not done until it’s in the wiki!

Was talking to a client today about the culture they wanted around their wiki. “The job’s not done until it’s in the wiki” was the instant reply – great idea! Should I be scared that clients are better at this … Continue reading

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Wiki case study – collaboration

PBwiki held another webinar a few weeks ago about a case study with Deloitte Digital.  Deloitte Digital is a startup of about 20 people within the Deloitte group (165,000 people). Peter Williams from Deloitte Digital talked about two different wikis … Continue reading

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Second wave adoption

Great post by Steward Mader on second wave adoption of wikis. “This demonstrates that no matter how much effort is put into designing a better product or tool, an equal-or greater-amount of effort must be dedicated to showing people how … Continue reading

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Fear of Failure in Enterprise 2.0

“Fear of failure” is often seen as an inhibitor in life, both professionally and personally.  I was with a client the other day who certainly had a fear of failure around Enterprise 2.0.  They wanted to get it absolutely right, … Continue reading

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Case study on wiki use for revenue growth

I attended a webinar last night hosted by PBwiki titled “Growing in a down market with PBwiki“. All in all it was very interesting. Here are the main points: The webinar went very smoothly. This is not to be underestimated, … Continue reading

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Blogs and wikis are the new printing press

Was watching a Stephen Fry programme last night about the Gutenberg printing press. What struck me was the similar language he used to describe the barriers and effect the printing press had compared to how we describe blogs and wikis. … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 to manage business process exceptions – another ROI

Social software/Web 2.0 tools such as blogs/wikis/instant messaging can be a great way to manage the exceptions to your business processes. Here’s why… In a previous life, I was an SOA Evangelist for IBM’s WebSphere integration suite. A large amount … Continue reading

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Wiki ROI – final thoughts

Just some final thoughts around wiki ROI and to pull together some conversations that have been happening off-blog. Luis was kind enough to get in touch and shed some light on some of my assumptions. Yes, he is internally facing … Continue reading

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Wikis as alternatives to email – find the ROI

There’s a really interesting article on with Ross Mayfield, the co-founder of Socialtext. In it, he talks about how wikis can end ‘Reply-All’ email threads. Luis Suarez of IBM has taken it a step further, and on 15th February … Continue reading

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