I have finally got round to setting myself up on Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter or see updates on the sidebar.

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  1. Dave Hay says:

    Jon, in a word, why ? What’s the value of Twitter ? Has it replaced the need for Facebook ( not that I use that either ) ?

    For an old guy, I try and keep up with the times, but I’m struggling to see the value of Twitter ? I can see the logic behind location awareness in Sametime, so am I correct in assuming that Twitter “merely” extends this?

    Yours, Confused of Hampshire

  2. Jon Mell says:

    Dave – honestly, I’m not sure, and that’s part of why I’m trying it! What I have done is linked my Facebook status and Twitter, so when I ‘tweet’ it automatically updates Facebook.

    I would imagine that once you get a certain volume it increases the likelihood of “chance encounters” – eg “am at the Portal conference” and others in your network who are also there know to find you.

    I think the most powerful use is to quickly poll your own “Wisdom of Crowds” – almost like a public version of IBM’s skilltap (see

  3. Jon Mell says:

    Dave – check this out as an example of corporate twitter use. Sounds a bit like Sametime Advanced?

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