What is the use case for Web 2.0

Spent some time talking with Eric Sauve of Tomoye last week. Was an interesting conversation around how he positions his product around “Communities of Practice”. Often I find the problem with the way people position Web 2.0 products such as wikis is that they end up saying “you can use it for anything” – which may be true but not very helpful for people who want to buy from you. They need to buy it for a reason – and positioning social software as a “widget” that gives you a community of practice seems like a very good thing.

I’ve also noticed that Socialtext’s re-launched site has four use cases on the right hand side – I can’t really remember their last one but I’m pretty sure it was more of an “all things for all people” site, focus is definitely good when you can get it. I think the problem stems from the fact that people, especially if they’re in start-up mode, don’t want to alienate any sector or use case by defining specific scenarios. Problem is, you don’t attract anyone either!

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