Why do I need a landline to get broadband?

Final (I hope) thought on Broadband (at least until BT Vision arrives) – why do I need a land line to get broadband? I’m sure there are technical reasons as to why I need to be physically connected, but why do I need to pay for a landline service which I have no intention of using? Even the cheapest BT package is £10.50 per month. Is this just their way of keeping people tied to paying for landline services?

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  1. Mark says:

    Jon, you don’t. Or at least you won’t. Have a look at WiMAX. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WiMAX is as good a starting point as any. Milton Keynes has just announced the UK’s first major public WiMAX project – http://www.computerweekly.com/Articles/2007/12/18/228654/milton-keynes-gets-first-commercial-wimax-network.htm says: “With no BT line required, Wimax enables broadband to be rapidly installed at customers’ premises or homes, and offers increased symmetrical (high sending and receiving speeds) broadband delivery.”

  2. Jon Mell says:

    Thanks Mark – that looks really interesting. The symmetric aspect should really help home workers who often have to upload large documents / send large emails!

  3. franekkimo says:

    it was the same in poland – but after many complains to the Commissioner for Civil Rights Protection form customers our government decided that it’s against the law and now you could have broadband without land line. of course you have land line but you pay only for broadband.
    just few minutes ago i was ordering bt broadband here in uk – and i was shocked that they forced me to order land line so i’ll have to pay 10.99 for something that i’m not going to use. it’s 18.99 for option 3 broadband – and land line for broadband should be included in this price. i think the problem here is that bt is a one big monopolist in uk – so every single company is forced to use their existing cable network. what is heppening now – they have money for your land line rental and i’m 100% sure other companys are paing them for using bt land line to provide you with broadband – so bt is paid well, twice – from you directly and from your broadband company (aol, tiscali, virgin etc). bt is afraid that they’ll loose lots of money if you go for skype calls or other internet communication software that alowes you to call any number directly from the internet.
    i’m really surprised that there is no any big customers complain on bt to government or something – sorry it’s my egnlish, but you know what i mean. someone should say stop because it’s like a stealing in a day light and everyone around looks happy with that.

  4. Jon Mell says:

    Thanks franekkimo – your English is fine!

    For some reason I just don’t feel that the British public will get wound up enough about it to bring about the change that occurred in Poland. I saw recently that BT were doing some offer about landline to landline calls at the weekend but it’s of no interest to me! I can’t see it being a viable consumer market for long and maybe the only way they can protect it is to insist you take the service for broadband!


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