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cloudCloudMobileSocialAnalytics… they’re all converging. Wimbledon is a great example. We run wimbledon.com by provisioning IBM Customer Experience Suite on our cloud infrastructure and secured by our QRadar platform. Of course, we want to keep the site provisioned to meet capacity, but we don’t want to provision too much. We face the same cost pressures as any other cloud provider. We run a 90 minute rolling forecast window, including structured (order of play, weather forecast, historic traffic trends) and unstructured data, including Social. If, for example, we see a surge in Twitter from people talking about the site, interesting analytics from SlamTracker, or anything that could impact our site performance we are able to take this into account. We combine this with Watson technologies this to predict required capacity over the next 90 minutes. Here you can see our actual capacity, actual traffic and predicted capacity including data gleaned from Twitter.


This is a great example of social being applied to a business outcome. Social itself does not have an ROI, what’s more important is the ROI of the projects you apply it to. In this case, Social allows us to reduce the cost of our web infrastructure, whilst always meeting demand, by predicting required capacity through social media analysis. What KPIs could your business improve by applying Social?

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