Wimbledon – Hill vs World

As a bit of fun, we’re running Social Hill vs World hosted on our SoftLayer platform this year at Wimbledon. You can see it here and it’s also on the app. The idea is to look at the different social sentiment if the ground when compared to the rest of the outside world.

The screenshot taken below was during Andy Murray’s match against Rola on the third day of the Championships.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 13.43.57

There’s a few interesting points here.

1) Increased optimism for Murray inside the ground than outside. Is there an emotional element to being physically present in Wimbledon (or at your event, or in your store, or at your company all hands meeting)? Is this something we can tap into?

2) Tracking of sentiment across the world. Are there pockets of Murray / Rola / your product supporters or fans in specific locations? Is there a cluster of negative sentiment in specific area highlighting a local problem with your brand?

3) Positive sentiment for Rola despite playing a home favourite. Does this highlight a demographic that is uncatered for? Imagine running this during an event / conference and being able to take real-time action if sentiment was low.

4) Engaging the community by picking and promoting the best fan photos. Could you do something similar to recruit brand ambassadors?

How could you benefit from direct insight into your target market?

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