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We’ve redesigned and simplified SlamTracker for 2014 providing real time stats and predictions for what each player needs to do to win. It’s available on the website or through the app. The reaction so far has been fantastic, and it’s been a key part of Laura Robson’s analysis of matches for the Telegraph.

If Andy wins 54 per cent of those four-to-nine-shot rallies then he will stand the best chance of success against Goffin; when he has hit that key, he has won 86 per cent of his sets.”

How do we do it? Well, we have ~41 million data points in our system to make these correlations. Our tennis experts on site are categorising every point played to provide key statistics for both the fans and the players and our predictive analytics software analyses three key things each individual has to do to win the match. This is catered for each specific match up. What Andy Murray has to do against Nadal is different from the tactics that will beat Federer.

Here (from the iPad app) you can see the overall keys for the Serena Williams / Alize Cornet match from Saturday. Overall – Serena lost out by failing to win points off the return of Cornet’s 1st serve (she did so 27% of the time, whereas she needed to be at 39%). By contrast, Cornet had to win 30% of 1st serve returns and did so 32% of the time.

slam match

It gets more interesting when you dig down into the set by set analysis. In the first set which Serena won 6-1 she dominated on all 3 metrics (winning 1st server return points 50% of the time), and Cornet failed to hit any.

Set 1


In the second and third sets it reversed, with Serena missing all the targets in the decisive third set and Cornet meeting or exceeding all of hers. You can see that the improvement on % points won on 1st serve made a huge difference.

Set 2


Set 3



So what’s the relationship to Social? Well, we have been doing a ton of work around Workforce Analytics, and how you can analyse what skills and behaviours will drive success in which role and then applying that insight to your hiring, development, and succession planning strategies. We work with organisations to understand what behaviours a sales rep would need to demonstrate in order to increase revenue particular to the culture of your organisation, what would happen to accident rates in your workshops if you increased employee engagement (hint: it’s a three-fold reduction), or which of your high performers are at risk of leaving. This directly links to the work we’re doing around SlamTracker.

And for those who were wondering, here is what Andy Murray needs to do to win today:

Andy Murray SlamTracker

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